free to serve

We live in intriguing times: we are eyewitnesses to the birth of our new economy. That new economy is springing forth from our awareness, which is evolving from ego-consciousness to, ultimately, enlightenment.

The core of our enlightenment is that we shall be truly free — free to serve. From that freedom perspective, what would a free market look like?

You are invited to download my manifesto Free-to-Serve-2020.

You can purchase a hard copy for 20 euro (incl shipping costs) by dropping me a line (jeroen guts2trust org (fill in the blanks)) or from a bookstore: ISBN 978-94-6328-407-3

This manifesto analyses this paradigm shift in terms of more than 40 pattern shifts, which together form our new mindset.

This manifesto does not tell you what you should or should not do; it sketches the beauty of an economy that we are in the process of creating.

For a brief introduction to the manifesto have a look at these video’s:

in this video i walk trough the contents of the manifesto, i have put the dutch text in the subtitles, just press the cc-button in the lower right of the video

here is a draft of a praatplaat