weconomy in less than 250 words

This post was written by Jeroen van Beele

the new economy is a share economy that will exist next to our current swap economy

i outlined it’s utopian model in this little booklet (less than 250 words) ruilen-delen-en (english) ruilen-delen-def (dutch)

reality will consist of myriads of projections of this utopia

each projection mitigates distrust

we used this travel guide on 7 dec 2017 in amsterdam

by the way: the central aforism ‘i do what i can and i take what i need´ was already coined by louis blanc in 1851 (louis blanc)


Friday 11 September 2015

About Jeroen van Beele

hi, i'm the owner of this site guts4roses.org, i want to make an economy in which i feel at home, this site is called guts 4 roses because this economy is based on the guts to trust each other

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