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caravan of love

This post was written by Jeroen van Beele

a co-creative journey into the new economy

the sun is burning without mercy and reflects in the golden waves of this barren land. i take a closer look at the soil and to my surprise it is not sand that glitters, it is gold that glitters. when i take an even closer look it is golden coins, i am in a valley of shining money! but the heat is unbearable and there is no water for miles.

then in the far distance i see a train of camels. this sign of life might just be my prayer answered. it is a caravan, heading for the next oasis of love.

this caravan of love is departing from the ruins of capitalism, a land full of money but void of care. therefore this caravan is heading for the nearest oasis of love, an economy that we all would love to live in.

here is a compilation of the evening, 7 dec 2017, royal tropical institute, amsterdam:

video by olivier jansen

this evening we followed the travel guide for an inner journey into the sharing economy


Saturday 16 December 2017

commons financed basic income

This post was written by Jeroen van Beele

instead of giving money we could provide commons where people can take care of each other in a self sufficient way. the intriguing part is that this can be accomplished in stages. eg we can start with food, add clothing later, and move on to housing, education and health care, to name a few.


Monday 24 July 2017

From Dogma to Freethinking

This post was written by robert schram

Presenting a vision / idea of a new (or better) society is often done by the old paradigm of thinking, meaning the movement/org is fixated on its own belief, that their model is the best ‘Utopian’ one. This is however a thinking trap. If you present your model in the same way as it’s done in the old way of thinking, nothing is ever really going to change. Why? Because there will never be a consensus on which model to implement or in what way or manner to do so. Limiting to only ONE model within, beside, or instead off the current one, is bound to fail eventually. Understanding this is crucial. 

The only way to really change things, is to step out of your ‘comfort’ zone of old AND new way of thinking, and step on a neutral ‘open source, open mind platform’. It is key to step out of the model you have designed, and you so deeply feel attached to, to create a distance between you and your beliefs. Only if you do so there can be room for overall debate and discussion, taking a good look at all pros and cons, for which models to implement, and in what quantity/mixture this will work best.

This is the only platform were consensus can and will be found. Change will come only from a cocktail of good ideas, reinforcing and supporting one another, also ‘weighing’ (balancing) how they will influence one another.

Change will not come from one idea only. It would be madness to think only one of the new models would work for all. To think that everything could work at the same time (if properly balanced) is a much more ‘common sense’ approach. If we do not understand this, real change will never happen and we will keep on discussing our new models in the old ways of thinking forever…



Thursday 16 April 2015