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This post was written by Jeroen van Beele

as many of us have already tried to bring initiatives together it’s important to understand why nobody has succeeded yet

in a yunity session we identified 6 (groups of) reasons:

– lack of resources
– hostile environment

– ego’s
– lack of critical mass
– no understanding of goal/utopia
– lack of skills

i believe the main thing is the critical mass. without critical mass nothing will work. and once the critical mass has emerged you can’t stop it anymore. all you can do is delay the advent of the new world, and that is what many people will unconsciously do. because they don’t understand or are afraid.

by critical mass i mean a critical mass of people who are free from their ego (to a workable extent at least). it is my belief that the evolution of our consciousness is the driving force behind the advent of the critical mass.

note that once the critical mass is there that doesn’t mean the new world will emerge automatically. on the contrary this will be the result of deliberate, focussed and commited action by those who have gained consciousness. which is what is happening right now.

to make this work several things are needed, here is my list of prerequisites:
– plan/idea/vision, including organisational processes, and this should be clear, concrete or executable and there should be consensus about this plan
– resources
– skills
– maturity in the sense of consciousness, ego and commitment

eg there are many youngsters wanting to change the world but many of these youngsters are still in the phase of discovering the world (and themselves). there is nothing wrong with that because each one of us has to do that before (s)he can contribute to the evolution of our society but it is not very helpful for the action of changing the world itself.

about the plan/idea/vision: it would be nice to have an image of utopia and the many ways in which this utopia can be adapted to humans. also we need a development strategy: in which steps can we achieve our goal?


Wednesday 4 October 2017

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