disruption is old economy

This post was written by Jeroen van Beele

disruption is something we find in the old economy, in the new economy we find care

i’m somewhat disturbed by all these people that want to disrupt our economy or our society. basically disruption means that you destruct something that people have been building for years, decades or even centuries and who’s lives depend on this something. that cannot be a goal in the new economy. in the new economy we take care of each other. this means that if something blocks our evolution we will help the people dependent upon this something to move to a sustainable alternative, we don’t let them drown by killing their something.


Saturday 9 September 2017

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hi, i'm the owner of this site guts4roses.org, i want to make an economy in which i feel at home, this site is called guts 4 roses because this economy is based on the guts to trust each other

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